As if it weren't bad enough that we needed to figure out which PDA to get and which GPS unit to buy, people are now overwhelmed with yet another choice - Bluetooth or not. Some people will tell you that you don't need a Bluetooth GPS receiver but it never hurts to look to see if it is something you could need.

When out hiking it's always nice to have that extra boost to your signal or help transferring data from one device to another to make sure that everything is working. The idea of transforming a PDA into a GPS device has been around for years now and is not quite something new. Up till now, however, these GPS units required the use of a cable configuration for connection to a handheld device. Whatever the connection apparatus, it lacked mobility adding to the unsightly and bulky attachment to an otherwise sleek PDA.

With the advancement in technology, Bluetooth GPS receiver is also wireless now. Your PDA can now easily turn into a perfect navigation system device without the use of any kind of wire, slots, sleds or cables. Wireless Bluetooth GPS receiver comes with an expansion slot which is memory intensive and allows you to carry maps on a storage card which has ample space. While it frees you from the worry of consuming the memory of your device, the best way in which wireless Bluetooth technology pays off is its use as a vehicle navigation aid. Simply place your wireless Bluetooth receiver in a place where it faces the sky and hold or mount your PDA wherever you have easy access to the menu screen.

Following are some of the best wireless Bluetooth GPA devices in the market at the moment.

Belkin Bluetooth GPS Compact Receiver

With a powerful receiver and a long-lasting battery life, Belkin Bluetooth GPS Compact Receiver is all what it boasts to be. It’s a little pricey but when you’re getting an excellent device with a user-friendly software, you can overlook the cost.

Belkin Bluetooth GPS

DeLorme Earthmate GPS

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative for a wireless Bluetooth GPS than DeLorme Earthmate GPS is perfect for you. It has all the goodness of a top-notch device without being too expensive. It has a solid receiver and the best part is that it can be easily mounted or worn in a belt. Delmore GPS

Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator with Bluetooth

f you opt for Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator, you’re heading for the right direction. It excels in the looks department and its strong receiver allows for superb reception. It includes a vehicle-mounting slot for PDA. Pharos GPS

Holux M-1000 32 Channel Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Holux M-1000 Bluetooth GPS has a MKT chipset which offers high sensibility at an affordable rate. Its best features are the free route planning and map browsing and is excellent for location base services and vehicle tracking.

Holux GPS wireless