Adjusting to a Car GPS
So you're thinking about getting a car GPS. You know the one you want, you've read up on how to install and work it and you can't wait to jump in and get going. But have you thought about the adjustments you'll have to make?

Getting Lost
Have you considered what you will lose by not getting lost? Where's your sense of adventure? You probably have a whole set of adventure tales about all of the times you got lost. Once you begin using your car GPS, those days will be over.

Did you ever wind up on a dark and lonely street in an unfamiliar neighborhood that looked like the kind of place youd never be caught dead in after dark? And it was after dark? If you did, you'll remember the sense of excitement, the sense of danger, the feeling that stopping at one of the few places still open was the same kind of thrill as Russian roulette. And if you've never had that experience, won't you feel cheated?

Then there's the relationship issue. Won't you miss those long journeys with your special navigator reading from a huge gas station map or from one of those list of directions downloaded from a location finder web site?

Aren't you afraid that a car GPS will cheat you out of those discussions about what the signage that is no longer there must have said or about how long it might be before the wrong road might lead to a rest or those magical meals at a rest stop or diner you never would have found while you try to figure out whose fault that wrong turn was. So you really think a car GPS will give you a chance for those bonding experiences?

Quiet Times
You do realize that your new car GPS will probably talk to you while you drive. It will tell you when to turn and in plenty of time to do it safely. It will guide you along your trip and will probably be programmable to locate a gas station that will accept your card or your favorite coffee place.

What about those long, quiet rides through dark, unfamiliar territory? Won't you miss being alone with your thoughts like Should I have turned back there? or I wonder how far it is to a rest room? These are the great questions that get you in touch with yourself.

Remember that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. With a car GPS, won't you miss all that strength?

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