GPS Antenna

The Advantages of a GPS Antenna
Antennas are actually an essential part of any and all wireless systems. There are various different types and brands of GPS antenna available, which you can choose from in order to select the option that best suits your own personal or business needs. The GPS antenna offers a wide variety of benefits and advantages for many different issues, such as for aerial surveying as well as several other aerial applications that require very high aircraft positioning.

Some of the advantages in particular of the GPS antenna are that it reduces flight time, as the GPS antenna reduces aircraft turning time from approximately five minutes to as low as one minute. It increases efficiency, because of the fact that the antenna continuously maintains a constant phase lock with GPS stations. No flight time is wasted while waiting to reacquire lock on lost GPS signals

It reduces the overall flight costs due to the fact that there is an increased efficiency experienced as a result of reduction in turning time. There is minimal investment, as the technology of the system comprises of commercially available components, therefore the result is a low-cost and stabilized GPS antenna that can be added to an existing vehicle or aircraft.

Regardless of the outside environment, the GPS antenna can handle many situations year after year. This is because GPS antennas are designed primarily for stationary applications, and to be stable, durable, and strong. The GPS antenna is also a high-quality solution for adding GPS RF signals to marine GPS navigation systems. The Bullet III is one particular type of GPS antenna, one which is an active antenna with 35-dB preamp and dual bandpass filters.

This allows the Bullet III to be used with up to 75 feet of RG-59 cable, and the bandpass filters automatically improve immunity to other RF signals for reliable performance in hostile RF jamming environments. There is also the proven reliability factor of this particular type of antenna system, as the Bullet III is actually the fourth generation of the proven Bullet antenna family.

Customers have been relying on this brand for many years now, proving its strength, durability, and reliability. Regardless of which brand of GPS antenna system you actually decide to go with however, whether it be the Bullet family or not, the basic premise is well worth it, and receives rave reviews.