GPS Locator

Baby-sit With Technology: GPS Locator on Kids
A few decades ago, leaving kids alone was a perfectly good idea. There weren't as many avenues for mischief as there are today, and why do parents agree that children were more disciplined than they are now?

What's worse is that with the cost of living rising everywhere, it's getting harder and harder for families to make ends meet without a dual income household, thus making it even harder to keep an eye on children. What's a parent to do? Attach a GPS locator onto their children of course.

Parents everywhere have been climbing onto this bandwagon for the last few years. The idea is simple; parents attach a GPS locator onto their children or onto something that they carry everyday (such as a backpack). After that, all parents have to do is click on a couple of buttons on their computer and they'll be able to know exactly where their kids are.

GPS Locator Pros
This idea is a great one for parents who really want to keep an eye on their kids but can't do it all the time because of work. There are many GPS locator devices created specifically for parents to give to their children. One such model is the GPS Child Locator.

This item attaches easily around your kids wrist like a watch but contains all sorts of extra features to give parents peace of mind including a pager for parents to get in touch with their kids, a button for emergencies that automatically contacts 911 and a safety lock so that kids can't remove it unless parents want them to be able to do so.

GPS Locator Cons
Naturally though there are also plenty of people who see flaws in this entire idea and plan. The first one that usually comes up is that parents shouldn't be relying on technology to watch their children and should make time for their children on their own. In this age, that is a lot harder than it used to be, but still is possible.

Another big concern is that this device will be an invasion of children's privacy and trust. Many people will argue that if parents use this device then children will grow up thinking that they aren't trusted by their moms and dads. This is a valid point but these devices are meant for children who are too young for this point to be valid.

In the case of teenagers this would be an insane idea to try to implement but in the case of young children this is a good idea to keep your eye on them and know right away if something has happened or if they are somewhere that they shouldn't be.

Life comes at you fast and it's hard to keep up with everything sometimes. In an age where dual income households are normal and children are spending more and more of their time alone or exploring the world, these devices are a great way to keep tabs and give parents that little extra peace of mind.