GPS Mapping

What is GPS Mapping?
We all know that GPS is that gadget in the car that knows where you are and helps you get where you' re going. However, GPS mapping is slightly different.

Software Maps
Some advertisers use the term to describe software packages that can be added to a GPS unit to provide maps. In this case GPS mapping is a function of the software. Many people think that maps are a given in a GPS unit. The truth is that a Global Positioning System unit is only the device that can emit a signal to a satellite and provide the correct time so the satellite can compare information with one or two other satellites and triangulate the position of the unit.

Technically, the unit doesn't even have to be able to receive the information from the satellites if its purpose is to track something like a pet or mobile phone for a third party. Everything else is extra.

Therefore, software that provides current maps to interact with a GPS unit is sometimes advertised as GPS mapping software. Such software can also provide vocal directions, information on where to find gas stations and other useful places, and applications to store and use the information it generates. GPS mapping software is a good upgrade for a basic GPS unit. It can be a real boost for businesses as well as useful for the consumer.

Mapping Land
Surveyors and geologists also use GPS mapping. Surveyors can use global positioning to create maps of fields and access information already stored to find boundary lines and survey markers. The accuracy of their equipment can map rivers, mountains and the like to within a couple of inches.

Geologists also use the precise technology of GPS mapping to keep track of marked land masses. The GPS satellites are deployed in a pattern to ensure that four satellites are within range of every point on earth at all times. A signal has to be received by three satellites to find the latitude and longitude of a point. Four satellites pinpoint the altitude as well.

Geologists can use this function to track the height of mountains within a couple of inches. Land shifting that signals earthquake conditions or volcanic action is a very important type of GPS mapping. These are the two kinds of GPS mapping and both are expected to be around for a long time.