GPS Phone

Mobile phones today already have a GPS phone tracking system that adds features for us and lets us experience more than the normal phone services.  With these apps I can find my phone using GPS no matter in which corner of the world I might be. It can also help me locate where I am going or help me find a lost phone.

The best GPS phone contains the best GPS apps pre-installed that can be used to locate my phone. They act like a small map right in the palm of our hand giving us the power to track and locate different places around us that are already mapped on the GPS tracking system.

best gps mobile phone device

Another advantage to the GPS phone is having that emergency locator service available wherever I happen to be. Emergencies do not wait until it is convenient for them to take place, nor do they happen at a location which you are properly versed with. In these cases, having a GPS tracking system can be vital and can make the difference. With the best GPS app installed ambulance, rescue missions or my friends can find my phone using GPS

5 Best GPS Phone

But the best GPS apps are not enough to list a GPS phone against others. Points such as the smartphone processors, RAM battery and phone display size also matters. Following are listed 5 best GPS phone;

  • Apple iphone 4
  • Apple iphone 3G S 
  • Samsung Galaxy S II 
  • Htc Wildfire S
  • Lg Optimus 2X

Best GPS Apps

GPS phones don’t just work unless you have a GPS service on your mobile phone. The window 8 phone needs an installation for you to start tracking restaurants, your children or your busy friends. To find my phone using GPS I prefer to subscribe to the service that could integrate GPS technology in a downloadable form to my windows phone. I prefer this because I get the GPS tracking on my phone without needing an upgrade.

With so many free GPS phone window 8 apps available let me list the top best GPS apps that are used by millions of users today. Try a search at Google play and try out these leading apps;

  • GPS Voice Navigation
  • Here Drive
  • Navigation
  • Garmin Streetpilot
  • MapQuest
  • Drive On
  • Outdoor Navigation
  • Navigation Us+Can