What is Gps?

What is GPS
Gps is satellite based navigation system originated by US department of defense. Its purpose is to determine the exact position in land, sea and airborne flights. It also helps in calculating the velocity of the object that is travelling towards it desired destination.

Types of GPS

Gps is hottest new technology catering for the needs of different applications and users. In order to familiarize you with different gps devices, here is a list to name few:

Car gps
If you have an automobile gps, then it will talk to you while you drive. It will tell you when to turn and in plenty of time to do it safely. It will guide you along your trip and will probably be programmable to locate a nearest gas station and a favorite place to hang out.

Bluetooth gps

Bluetooth gps

A Bluetooth GPS device combines the Bluetooth and GPS technology. It makes use of the Global Positioning System to record and store the position within the device. It relies on frequencies similar to those utilized by cell phones.

How to use Gps?

This magical device can find your way out if you are lost in the wildings or in the jungle. This device is handy and made for the basic users. There is no rocket science involved in this device. On the maps you just have to plug in the details (address) of your required destination and it automatically maps out the shortest route to your desired destination. It also tells you how long it’s going to take you to reach at your chosen destination.

How does a gps work?

A quick look how gps works: Model is based on the satellite network. Gps device receive signals from the receivers which are integrated in every gps device GPS satellites transmit radio signals and this information is represented in the form of code inside every gps device.