Handheld GPS

Why a Handheld GPS?

If you don't have a GPS in your car, you probably know someone who does. Some of the newest and possibly coolest portable technologies can include a GPS, too. The question becomes, why do you need a handheld GPS? If you have been eying those auto units for the longest time and wondering When are they going to come out with a handheld GPS? , then read on. Your Needs

The most obvious need for you to have the newest and coolest technology is that you are the kind of person who always needs to have the newest and coolest technology. If you are, look over the available handheld GPS devices and pick a really super-futuristic one.

If you go everywhere by car, you probably don't need to add a GPS unit to any of your handheld devices. The GPS in your car will serve all of your needs. If you want to add a GPS to your car by adding it to your handheld device, make sure that the hardware and software are compatible and a good match to the accuracy and efficiency of a car GPS.

If, however, you are one of those city dwellers that often rely on mass transit, a handheld GPS may help you get around your urban jungle. Keep in mind that skyscrapers obscure satellite signals. You should have a clear view of enough sky to get your signal to and from at least three of the satellites deployed around the globe in order to get an accurate position. If your handheld GPS needs are mostly for navigating in areas that are blocked, you might do better with a hard copy street map.

Your Plans

Most handheld devices are pretty small. Adding a GPS unit mean settling for fewer bells and whistles than you would find in an auto unit. And after all, a GPS is only meant to tell you where you are. Maps, helpful voices, moving indicators and the like are all add-ons. And add-ons cost money, so figure out how you plan to use your handheld GPS and then figure out what sort of job you want it to perform.

You can get a unit that's a little better than you absolutely need for unplanned situations, of course. Just remember, the money you save on this newest and coolest technology can always go toward the next newest and coolest technology.