Motorcycle GPS

A Motorcycle GPS as Your Best Friend
Riding around on a motorcycle can be fun and exhilarating. Getting lost on one is frustrating beyond belief which is why more and more riders are getting themselves equipped with a GPS. These little gizmos are found on just about anything with wheels these days and motorcycles are absolutely no exception.

While the selection of a GPS can be a little intimidating, the selection isn't large and so it's easy to make the right choice for you providing that you do your research and figure out what exactly you're looking for.

Most Expensive Motorcycle GPS
Purchasing a GPS system for any type of transportation can be an expensive venture but there are always ways around that. A reliable GPS system to look for would be the Garmin Quest 2 Autorouting GPS with RAM Motorcycle Mount.

This motorcycle GPS comes with a mount and weighs only 5.5 ounces. When attached to your motorcycle, this piece of equipment will display all streets (including the rural and residential streets) and businesses within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you still can't find what you are looking for with that, this motorcycle GPS has 140MB of storage space for you to download maps from other map source products.

Another great feature of this particular motorcycle GPS is the ability to store up to 50 routes making it easier to help find locations that you visit often but can't remember exactly which turns to take. All this and much more can be found for an average price of around $590.

Less Expensive Motorcycle GPS
If paying almost $600 is just a bit more than you're looking to invest on your motorcycle GPS than there are other options. The second best option in terms of price would be the Garmin Quest Autorouting GPS with RAM Motorcycle GPS Mount and Garmin Cradle.

For an average price of around $450 dollars, this is a nice little motorcycle GPS system that will get you where you' re going with it's built in voice prompts to alert you to warnings and upcoming turns to take. Also included on this model is the one button home system which will guide you home no matter where you are.

If you need to get back to where you were, this motorcycle GPS will help you retrace your steps back with its ability to save ten thousand previous points that you have visited or driven past. This is not something that anyone who travels should be without.

Least Expensive Motorcycle GPS
Garmin Quest Autorouting GPS with RAM Motorcycle GPS Mount is the cheapest motorcycle GPS system that I found running in at an average of $500. One of the biggest reasons for this lower price though is the small screen which measures in at a simple 2.2''W x 1.5''H. The color screen negates this small size though making it easy to use and read even when riding at night.

Customers will rave about this product when it comes to short distance traveling. When it comes to long distance traveling, such as a cross country motorcycle trip, this is not the unit for you as the limited memory will leave you frustrated. With only 115 MB of memory and only the ability to show US maps, this motorcycle GPS system will prove useless if you leave the country.

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